Demandoo’s fully digital claims process for all Wolt courier partners makes filing claims simple, efficient and easy

Meet Wolt: Founded in Finland in 2014, Wolt is at the vanguard of on-demand food delivery, helping millions of users across 18 countries discover new restaurants and enjoy their favorite dishes.

The Challenge: Wolt’s deliveries are performed by thousands of courier partners, who can choose their own hours and work in a wide variety of locations, usually by bike/scooter/car. As independent contractors, these couriers aren’t covered by Wolt’s own insurance and often find taking out their own policies to be too confusing, expensive, and time-consuming.

The Solution: Wolt partnered with Demandoo to provide pay-as-you-go insurance to their couriers.

Huge number of insured couriers

Countless hours already insured

Integrated claim filing within the Wolt app

Significant savings vs. traditional insurance

Convenient business & operational reporting

Continually adding new services & products

Scalable for expansion into more territories