Reasonably-priced insurance that provides monetary compensation for the loss or damage to third parties due to dispensation of professional services

Ideal for PROFESSIONALS SUCH AS LAWYERS, ENGINEERS, ACCOUNTANTS, or INDEPENDENT “GIG ECONOMY” WORKERS, who provide services SUCH AS  CONSULTING, DESIGN and the like,  WHO COULD BE SUED FOR DAMAGES caused by a faulty design or mistaken advice. Errors that could result in financial loss and the impact of which could be discovered much later than the date the actual service was provided. As long as you are insured – you are covered! Offered to professionals by online platforms at an affordable price.

It’s a win-win situation!

  • Professionals are covered for any damages caused by errors made while providing their service, through insurance available at an affordable price from the online platform where they are registered.
  • Online platforms for “Gig Economy” workers get to offer a great additional service, guarantee that their users’ customers are covered for any financial loss, and increase their revenues.

How does it work?Read on for a few real-life cases